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A florist
and a chef

A Florist & A Chef

Anastasia Casale, a lifelong lover of all things flowers, and French Culinary trained chef Keith Pierpont  are partners in life, in Sag Harbor Florist and Pierpont Blossom Farm, where they live in a farmhouse and farm the fields they planted with flowers

Flavors & Flowers

Who we are & What we do.

Sapori e Fiori was conceived on a snowy winter’s day in 2015. Keith and Anastasia were happy to be safe and warm at home on the farm together – in the kitchen (Keith's favorite room in the house) with a good bottle of wine, of course. As usual, Keith was at the stove preparing a gorgeous meal while Anastasia was creating small flower arrangements with assorted herbs out of the fridge and some winter-blooming hellebores from the farm. They talked about how the only thing missing that night was some good friends to share the fruits of their passion for flavors, flowers and the farm with. By July 2016, they had designed an experience around those wonderful ingredients together in one moment and Sapori e Fiori was born.

Anastasia and Keith are excited to host you for another season of Sapori e Fiori; a gathering each month (April to October) to explore seasonal flavors and flowers together with new and old friends at the farm. Your evening begins with a toast, before Anastasia guides you into the gardens to gather the flowers in season you will use for your lesson in the art of simple and beautiful floral décor for entertaining at home. While you are busy with the Fiori workshop, Chef Keith and his guest chef collaborator will be in the kitchen preparing a 5-course dinner for you. With some added assistance from his guest sommelier, Keith will proudly present you with the Sapori food and wine experience at his Sicilian grandfather’s dining table that you have designed with your flowers and set for 12.

Gather with us for this unique and memorable celebration of some of life's best ingredients - Sapori e Fiori at Pierpont Blossom Farm. .

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